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Hot Shot Casino Slot is named after someone very important, whose achievements cannot be compared with any other. Today, there is a sports theme on the reels, and the free slot machine is full of unusual symbols. You can get prizes that are available to players in games with wild symbols and scatter symbols.

Features of the Hot Shot Slots

Hot shot is a five reel non-progressive slot machine with 9 paylines. The slot machine has the wild symbol, the scatter symbol and a maximum jackpot of $ 2,000. The game is available at a variety of bets. You can choose a bet from 25 cents to 18 dollars. Choosing the denomination of coins, take into account the desired budget. You can choose coins of 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 and 2 dollars, which are then multiplied by the number of lines in the game (from one to nine).

Many people like the special atmosphere of online games. You can’t argue with that. On one day you can find yourself on a safari, and beyond the Arctic Circle. Here we will go to the stadium, where in the rumble of the crowd we will follow the events. So where is my jackpot? You will even hear the beat kick off the ball and the player start running. With the wild symbol, winning the game is easier. Like a magic wand, it suddenly closes the winning combination. But the wild symbol cannot replace the scatter symbol.

Of course, you want to get a trophy in the game! This is the dream of every team and here the trophy is the scatter. If you drop 3 trophy symbols, then you will receive a prize immediately. For example, 3 trophies on the reels will bring you 10 bets, 4 trophies – already as many as 50! Well, with great luck and 5 scatters you can celebrate the victory and 100 bets will be credited to your account. Imagine what can happen if a gambler plays big!

Free Hot Shot Slots Symbols and Control Buttons

All symbols have something in common with the sports theme. There are wooden bits and leather balls with stitches, as well as a green playing field. That is all you need to play baseball! But we still won't play baseball, since we came to a casino for a completely different purpose. However, even a gaming machine can create the atmosphere of a game. You will see commentators mumble something, and the stands are full of cheering fans. Each icon is carefully created by the artist. You will see different elements of the game of baseball, - hotdogs (is the game possible without hotdogs?), popcorn, candies, coffee, hat, pitcher, game logo, etc.

The interface of the Hot Shots Slot machine reflects the sporting spirit thanks to the symbols and dynamic positions. You will see the buttons:

  • • Select Lines – to select lines
  • Bet Max – the maximum bet
  • Spin – to spin the reels
  • There is also a plus and minus button, as well as an expert button that will allow you to start the hot shot casino slots free game in an auto mode.

If you look at the Hot Shot slots online as a whole, then it is of interest just in the complex. Graphics, sound effects, as well as gameplay are made wonderful. This is not often seen in slots. There are a lot of bets in the game, and getting a prize is pretty easy. Sports fans will be especially pleased to play this game.

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