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Free 5 Real Slots Online

One of the most popular slot games among gamblers in the casino industry is 5 reel slots. There are over a thousand 5 reel slots available to players. Slot games with 5 appear to replace 3 reels, thus making gambling more diverse and entertaining.

While 3 reel slots are very simple and have only a limited number of gaming features, 5 reel slots are made more appealing with special effects, bonus rounds, and other advanced features. You can now enjoy not only the wild and scatter symbols but also the Symbol Cascades, Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Wheel of Fortune and many more

Free 5 Real Slots Online
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Free 5 Real Slots Online
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The “special” 5-reel slots

free 5 reel slots

Most of the 5 reel slots games online today are either 3D slots or video slots, and they are made with high-end sound and graphics technologies. On these slots platform, you’ll be captivated by the unique soundtracks, detailed game symbols, entertaining plots, and bright animations.

So, if you are bored with the traditional 3-reel slots and you want to try something new and diverse, 5-reel slots games are it for you. The visual depth of the slots is fascinating, and the graphics are as clear as crystal and vivid. When players land a winning combination, the symbols come to life and become animated on the reels.

The interface of 5-reel slots is extremely user-friendly, so you are unlikely to have any difficulties navigating your way around the game even if you have never played video slots before.

Spins and auto play feature

If you have the desire to place the maximum amount allowed per spin, all that is needed is for you to click on the Max Bet Button. To further add to their appeal, most 5 reel slots have an extra autoplay feature. Once this is activated, the slot will, by itself, play through a specific number of spins. It will then display the exact amount that the players have won after each round. Normally, the autoplay feature allows you to enjoy automatic spins numbering up to 100, depending on the software developer and the slot.

Free 5 Reel Slot Machine Games

The objective of the player in these slots is to get a winning combination of matching symbols on one or more of the pay lines that are active in order to get a payout. These slots basically have five vertical sections– reels that are set into motion immediately the player pulls the lever or presses the spin button.

Each of these reels contains an exact number of symbols as well as a specific number of stops which varies from game to game. Each 5-reel slot is pre-programmed in such a way that it returns a certain percentage of payback in the long run.

Advanced 5-reel slots that are found in online casinos today have more numbers of pay lines. Hence players can get more winning combinations, increasing their profit. The number of pay lines that are on these advanced slots can exceed 100, but most often, the common titles offer between ten to fifty pay lines.

Most often than not, the pay lines on the slots are adjustable, and so players can select the lines that they want to activate and bet on it. However, on some of the 5-reel slots, the number of pay lines is fixed, and so players cannot, by themselves, choose the lines to bet on.

5 reel slots Pay Table

free 5 reel slot machine games

Considering the fact that 5 reels have two extra reels, multiple pay lines, more symbols, and other special features, their pay tables are essential as they contain detailed information about payouts.

It contains information about all the winning combinations that are possible on the slot, the pay lines, and payouts that are featured. The first section of this pay table covers information on the amount of coins that players collect if they land three, four or five identical symbols on the pay lines.

This pay table also covers information regarding the unique features of a slot, bonus games, free spins and the symbols that help in triggering them.

Volatility of 5 reel slots

Before you start playing on any five-reel slot for real money, make sure that you are familiar with their volatility. This refers to the risk that is part and parcel of each slot. Find out how much and how often you can expect to win in a game.