Free 3 Real Slots Machines

Nowadays, video slots are all the rage with so many to choose from online. Sure, these video slots include all the fantastic graphic and sound quality including innovative features like free spins and bonus rounds. But one thing that they lack fundamentally is the nostalgia and familiarity that is associated with classic and traditional fruities.

Many find it quite hard to remember that a short while ago, there was nothing like video slots and gambling enthusiasts should remember that the whole slot mania started from the 3 reel slots machines which are now referred to as classic slots. Despite the evolution of slots from the novelty it once was when it was discovered early in the twentieth century, this classic slots machine remains a favorite of several gambling enthusiasts.

Free 3 Real Slots Machines
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Free 3 Real Slots Machines
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Looking into 3 reel slots

3 reel slot machines

Firstly, 3 reel slots were played only in land-based casinos before technology assisted in their evolution to the online playground where these slots met with new competitors which the high tech video slots. It is indisputable that classic slots are not up to the state of art technology used for video slots. Yet, they have several advantages, and fun is guaranteed when you play 3 reel slots either for fun or to earn real money.

Those who are new to the gambling world might really not have an idea of what three reel slots are. They are the first online casino games that were widely played by gamblers worldwide. As the name suggests, these reels have only three vertical sections. Though this limits the number of winning combinations, it doesn’t affect the amount of money you can win if you bet and play for real money.

Reasons you can’t regret playing at 3 reels

These reels are very easy to play. Unlike the video slots with its diverse and complicated add-ons including 1024 paylines, these slots have only 3 reels. These slot machines were the first to initiate the wild and scatter symbol which is now the norm for all slots, irrespective of the type.

So, new players who want to learn the ropes in slots can start with the 3 reels slots. This gives the player the opportunity to learn quickly before playing and betting at the more modern slot games.

Free 3 Reel Slots For Fun

free 3 reel slots for fun

These slots are a total blast to play as a result of their utmost simplicity. Though experienced 5 reels slots players might find themselves bored while engaging in 3 reels slots because they are used to the pomp of 5 reels. In spite of that, lots of people still enjoy playing 3 reels.

There are two variations of Classic slots free online. There are those with a single payline and those with multiple paylines. With the single payline classic slots, a player has the chance to bet from the minimum to the maximum amount of coins on just a single payline. Logically, this implies that the player has lower chances of winning. This does not mean that the overall winnings will be smaller. In fact, it is the truth that while these single payline 3 reels slots tend to pay out less often than 5 reels slots, they have the tendency to pay out more.

For the multiple paylines three reel slot games, there is an increased chance of winning, but the overall payout may be no different from that of the single payline three reels slots.

3 reels jackpots

Whether you are playing the free 3 reel slots for fun or to win some real cash, it still comes down to jackpots. There are two main varieties of three reels jackpots; fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots.

The fixed jackpot slots are programmed to pay out a pre-set amount when you land all the winning jackpot symbols in the payline. They pay out more often but on wins that are smaller than jackpots, and this is done to keep the player engaged.

The 3 reels’ progressive jackpots are designed in such a way as to hold in place a percentage of every wager made and then contribute it to the overall jackpot. This ensures that the total jackpot continues to grow each time a player wagers. The amazing thing is that there is no limit to how high a jackpot can go.